A quiet title action is a lawsuit used to resolve any disputes or ambiguities regarding the ownership of a property. You may need a quiet title if there are any outstanding claims or liens on the property, if the property’s ownership is unclear, or if there is any question as to the validity of the property’s title. It’s important to thoroughly research the title of a property before purchasing or transferring ownership to avoid any potential issues. If you encounter a title problem, it may be necessary to seek a quiet title in order to resolve the issue and transfer ownership of the property. ARead More →

Title insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect the owner and lender of a property from financial loss due to title problems. One of the major title issues that title insurance can protect against is forged deeds. Here’s how: Detection: Title insurance companies conduct extensive searches of public records to ensure that the property’s title is clear of any claims or liens. This process can help detect forged deeds, as the insurance company will be able to identify any discrepancies in the chain of ownership. Financial protection: If a forged deed is detected, the title insurance company will provide financial protection toRead More →

Buying and selling a house can be a complicated process, and we all know that closing a transaction costs money. There are two or more parties in the transaction–the buyer and the seller, and sometimes a lender and realtors- and each of them can and do pay certain costs depending on the circumstances. The question is, then: who pays what? First, the What One person’s understanding of what constitutes closing costs is often different than another’s. There are even title companies that differ on this matter. We’ve called nearly every title company in town for quotes (to check out our competition, of course!) and someRead More →

From grocery shopping to home buying, it seems like almost everything can be done completely online now. The idea of buying a house without seeing it is less daunting these days with all the new technologies and ways to buy a home virtually, and it’s becoming more common. In fact, 20% of homebuyers recently made an offer sight unseen, meaning they made an offer on a home without ever seeing it in person.  Maybe you’re currently living in a condo in Chicago, but have to relocate to a new home in Austin, TX for work. Or, maybe your family is growing and you’re in aRead More →